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About us

CWTP is a locally family owned company that uses water to transfer ink prints onto almost any hard surface. Our installers have been professionally trained and certified with TWN industries which are one of the best training facilities in America. Our goal is to make customizing your toys an affordable and fun process that will get the attention it deserves. We can transform almost any object from wood, plastics, glass, metals if it can be painted we can customize it.

Give your toys the custom air brush look at a fraction of the cost. We have hundreds of prints to choose from, from carbon fibres to different styles of camos. There are wood grains for those rich looking dashes and even brushed aluminums and steel prints and some stone prints for the really outrageous looks. Check out are link of patterns to choose your style. We are only limited by your imagination.

So let's take those boring atv fenders, truck and car accessories and dashes, rims for any vehicle, guns and scopes, even house hold items like light switches, tables and anything you want to make your custom look and get it done. If it's not listed on the price lists then just call and we can give you a price on whatever you want done. We can ship anywhere so you don't have to be near us to get your stuff done.

All finishes and coatings are of automotive quality and guaranteed to last. If your fenders or plastics are cracked or broken and need repaired we can take care of that too and when we are done it will look brand new.

We will be changing and adding new pictures to this site as it is an ongoing and new site so please keep checking in to see the new items that have been dipped.